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How We Partnered With Hilton Supply Management To Grow for the Future

November 2, 2021

At VivoAquatics, we're always looking for more ways to reach people and continue delivering the same excellent level of service we're known for.

To that end, we're proud to announce that we're partnering with Hilton Supply Management. Moving forward, we will be a preferred provider of aquatic automation / software solutions and professional certification and training services to help their 11,000 properties manage water more effectively.

These properties extend beyond the Hilton brand, allowing us to help even more facilities reach the highest level of compliance and pool management.

Deeper Integration With Technology

Hilton Supply Management provides an integrated procurement platform (through BirchStreet) for roughly 2,500 of their properties. When those property managers need specific services, they dive into that platform to find recommended suppliers and service providers.

We will have a preferred listing within that directory, and our catalog will be integrated into their e-commerce platform. This means property managers will be able to find our services faster and order supplies with ease.

We'll also work with Hilton to devise strategic solutions to better support properties with their compliance and ongoing management needs.

The management of pools and spas is a key challenge for large-portfolio groups like Hilton, MGM Resorts and others. For years, the industry has had a gap in access to the right expertise and products to effectively manage so many facilities. But large portfolios are finding that VivoAquatics can fill that gap through a platform of automation, monitoring and commerce.

We provide the top knowledge, experience and technology at a national level for our clients, and we grow with them to tackle new challenges throughout the years.

How Did This Get Started?

Hilton Supply Management was searching for national providers and organizations to grow with them. Their goals perfectly aligned with the long-standing vision of VivoAquatics to provide the gold standard in pool and water management.

Because Hilton's strategic accounts team works with diverse subgroups not only in the United States but around the world, our partnership will give Vivo the opportunity to extend our vision globally. We can have a much more far-reaching impact on aquatics safety compliance, water and energy conservation, and quality of guest experience.

Additionally, both Vivo and Hilton are continually looking forward and thinking through opportunities for the hotel of the future. How can we manage water more successfully? What new innovations will become available to us?

We believe the answer lies in providing and maintaining the most effective equipment, lowering operating costs and increasing sustainability. The hotel of the future will need smart water management systems, which is why we're proud to partner with companies to incorporate this kind of smart technology into future hotel development. Hotels that aren't even built yet can be planned with forward-thinking improvements that set them apart from the rest.

How Does VivoAquatics Work With Partners?

At VivoAquatics, we want to create a unique experience with every one of our partnerships. Every partner is different, and so every partnership should be too.

As part of our process, we first expend significant effort to clarify our partner's needs, understand where we can integrate our platform, and then how we can tailor our solutions to best fit their unique circumstances. When we learn as much as possible about our partners and their inner workings up front, we're able to work with them most effectively.

Critical to our partnership is a deep understanding of both corporate priorities and individual property needs. We need to know and be able to work within any broader initiatives of the company while at the same time addressing the unique requirements of each property involved.

In all of our partnerships, regular feedback is a core component, and quarterly reviews allow us to continue building on our partner's expectations. Communication is key. The more we learn, the more we can help our clients and partners.

Embracing an Honor

We are truly honored to be selected as a partner by Hilton Supply Management. Their high standards and rigorous due diligence process are quite impressive. Working with industry leaders of such standing and conscientiousness is a real privilege, and one we're delighted to embrace.

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