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Looking for Partners To Transform the Aquatics Industry

October 5, 2021

Commercial management of pools and spas has significantly changed over the past year with COVID-19, supply chain shortages, and increasing guest expectations. Properties are looking for expertise and programs delivered by national platforms while also needing local service support.

To meet this need, there is a huge opportunity for organizations to partner and collaborate in ways perhaps not imagined just a year ago. Working with like-minded industry experts means that, together, we can provide a better service to our clients.

As we at VivoAquatics continue to build out national partnerships with leading hospitality, fitness and multi-family portfolios, we have started to identify and work with many local service companies and builders across the U.S. In fact, building such partnerships is critical to providing clients with the best possible value and outcome.

What Our Partnerships Look Like

Our partners come from all aspects of the pool and water management industry. They provide chemicals, products, equipment or other services that meet our clients' needs.

On our end, we provide the high-quality hardware and software for our operating platform VivoPoint, which streamlines and simplifies water management in commercial facilities. We regularly work with multi-property brands with locations all over the country, keeping their pools safe and accessible 24/7.

This is where our partners come in. We can't be everywhere and do everything at once, nor do we want to. Instead, we want partners who provide expert local support to clients, who are open to new growth, and who want to be at the forefront of innovative change in the industry.

Why Partner With VivoAquatics

There are three major benefits for service providers who decide to partner with VivoAquatics. Let's take a look at each one. 

Acquire New Client Relationships

Our VivoPoint platform is all about ease of use. The more straightforward we can make pool management for our clients, the better. Having a dedicated catalog of carefully selected local suppliers that clients can turn to on demand is a huge asset for us.

So as we continue to sign up national and regional portfolios all over the country, we need local partners to support them. This means that service providers partnered with Vivo suddenly have access to a whole new set of clients in their region. And not only will these clients need immediate services like equipment installation, they'll also need ongoing support like chemical supplies, renovations and more.

We handle the heavy lifting of finding clients, while you provide the high-quality services you're known for.

Expand and Strengthen Current Client Relationships

By partnering with us, you get the backing of our intuitive VivoPoint platform.

To begin with, this adds a ton of value to your existing services for clients. It reduces the amount of time and money they have to spend on pool management by automating processes that used to be performed by full-time staff and detecting small problems before they become big ones. And with real-time insights into what's actually going on with their pools, clients can be more proactive in coming to you for regular maintenance and services. 

With so much added value, clients remain loyal. Why would they look anywhere else for services when you make their lives so much easier?

Additionally, real-time monitoring and alerts mean you won't have to spend so much time with each pool. With clients using VivoPoint to stay on top of maintenance and upkeep, you should be able to manage more pools in the same amount of time.

We want you to be able to expand your relationship with an existing property to other properties under the same brand. For example, we recently partnered with a local service provider to extend their one-property relationship with a regional portfolio to seven properties. This increased their overall revenue by 180%.

Compete With National Players

For those of you who are eager to continue growing, we can offer you the ability to compete with (and beat) the big national players.

We aren't here to compete with our partners, but to support them. Our role is to provide the platform, but we're not a chemical company or distributor ourselves. With our reach, we want to empower you to get your services in front of large portfolio clients who can otherwise be tricky to connect with.

We only win when our partners do. It's truly a mutually beneficial relationship.

Our goal is for our partners to grow with us as we continue to evolve in the expanding water management market.

Reach Out

We're eager to meet like-minded companies and business people that share our values of integrity and growth. If a partnership with VivoAquatics sounds like a good fit for you, get in touch with us today.

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