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Why Water Safety & Compliance Are Important for Commercial Pool Owners

June 13, 2023

Whether you operate a commercial pool at a hotel, spa, or water park, maintaining safety and compliance standards is key to reducing your liability and promoting a positive guest experience. At the end of the day, you’re responsible for the safety of every guest who uses your pool.

Keep reading to learn more about the role that water safety and compliance play in daily commercial pool operations.

Commercial Pool Water Safety

Pools—especially commercial ones—pose inherent safety hazards. Staff and guests run the risk of slipping and falling, exposing themselves to harmful chemicals, acquiring an infection, and even drowning.

To ensure the safety of both staff and guests, your pool should meet all current safety codes and regulations. Perform the following tasks to meet these codes and regulations.

  • Install a fence along the perimeter of the pool area.
  • Install a self-closing and self-latching gate at the pool entrance.
  • Place signs around the pool area that caution against diving and other dangerous activities.
  • Have a lifeguard on duty at all times when the pool is in use.
  • Regularly test and maintain all safety equipment, like life jackets and pool noodles.
  • Regularly monitor chlorine and pH levels, and keep a log of all maintenance tasks performed.

Keep in mind that not all local and state regulations are identical. Make sure that you know the regulations set by your local and state governing bodies to ensure proper compliance.

Why It's Important

Abiding by proper pool safety protocols is important for a few main reasons.

  1. It prevents accidents and potential drownings, which minimizes your legal liability.
  2. It gives guests peace of mind, which enhances their overall pool experience.
  3. It shows staff and guests that you have taken steps to protect them from harm.

Commercial Pool Water Compliance

A commercial pool must be compliant with all local, state, and federal standards. While some local and state regulations differ, commercial pool operators should follow these key guidelines.

  • All pool staff must complete operator and chemical handling training as outlined by local and state guidelines.
  • Trained staff must be on-site at all times during hours of operation to ensure pool cleanliness and guest safety—including weekends and holidays.
  • Keep chlorine levels at one to three parts per million at all times.
  • Continuously monitor the water’s pH level, ensuring it stays within the 7.2 to 7.8 range. Test the pH level at least twice daily or every hour for heavy-use pools. Log all maintenance activities you conduct.
  • Keep an accurate record of disinfectant and pH levels.
  • Treat the pool water with a biocidal shock treatment daily or weekly, depending on water quality and pool usage.
  • Remove debris from the pool’s surface as needed.
  • Maintain filtration and recirculation systems as specified by the product manufacturer. Repair or replace as needed.
  • Enforce maximum pool capacity standards to prevent overcrowding.

Why It's Important

Remaining compliant with local, state, and federal pool standards is crucial for the following reasons:

  1. It ensures the safety of both staff and guests.
  2. It protects guests from common pool hazards, like being trapped underwater by a faulty drain cover.
  3. It protects you from legal liabilities.
  4. It helps maintain your reputation as a trusted, top-performing commercial pool.
  5. It communicates to guests that you value their safety and well-being

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