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Exploring VivoAquatics New Reporting Dashboard for Commercial Pools

October 30, 2023

Managing commercial pools, water fountains, and spas is no easy feat.

Pool technicians must possess a profound understanding of water chemistry, filtration systems, and compliance protocols. Promptly addressing potential issues is crucial to maintaining uninterrupted pool operations.

In addition to their extensive responsibilities, pool technicians also play a vital role in meticulously documenting every aspect of pool management. This comprehensive documentation is essential for upper management's oversight and historical data tracking purposes.

The need for efficient tools and resources to navigate these challenges cannot be understated.


clipboard-data-collectionExisting Data Collection Methods

In the world of pool management, current reporting methods have their limitations. Many pool operators rely on manual data collection and reporting, which can be time-consuming and prone to errors. This traditional approach often leads to inadequate data, which in turn can have a significant impact on pool operations.

Without accurate and comprehensive data, pool operators may struggle to effectively monitor water quality, track chlorine levels, and identify potential maintenance issues. This lack of information can result in poor decision-making and ultimately compromise the safety and enjoyment of the pool for its users.

Furthermore, pool operators are increasingly demanding better reporting solutions. They recognize the value of data-driven management and the potential it holds for improving pool operations. They want a reporting system that is efficient, user-friendly, and provides real-time insights into pool performance.


The Solution: VivoPoint Reporting Dashboard

To address these challenges, VivoAquatics has developed a new reporting dashboard that meets the needs of pool operators.


Reporting Dashboard - SustainabilityAll bodies of water in one view

Unlike current chemical controllers that limit users to viewing one body of water at a time, the VivoPoint reporting dashboard enables users to effortlessly monitor and manage multiple bodies of water simultaneously. This feature simplifies the process of detecting trends and establishing a baseline for operations, making it more convenient for pool operators.

Reporting Dashboard - Water Safety Score

Historical data tracking

The reporting dashboard also provides a centralized location for storing and accessing historical data. This feature allows pool operators to track water quality, chemical levels, and maintenance records over time.

By having access to this comprehensive data, operators can identify long-term trends and patterns, assess the effectiveness of maintenance procedures, and make data-driven decisions to improve overall pool performance.

Historical data tracking is not only valuable for current operations but also provides a valuable resource for future planning and decision-making.


Reporting Dashboard - Reading AnalyticsCompliance and Documentation

Never fail an inspection for not maintaining a pool log again. VivoPoint users can now see how frequently properties are manually testing their bodies of water, ensuring properties are compliant with daily manual readings. 

VivoPoint simplifies data recording and storage for water chemistry, filtration systems, and compliance protocols. This ensures efficient oversight and regulatory compliance, making necessary information readily available for audits and inspections.



The Future

Overall, the challenges posed by current reporting methods and inadequate data in pool operations are significant. However, with the introduction of VivoAquatics' reporting dashboard, pool operators now have a powerful tool at their disposal.

It's time for pool operators to modernize their practices and unlock the full potential of their facilities.

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