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VivoAquatics Makes a Splash at the YMCA General Assembly in Atlanta, GA

July 5, 2023

The YMCA General Assembly is a highly anticipated event that brings together YMCA leaders, professionals, and enthusiasts from around the country. This year, the assembly is set to take place in the vibrant city of Atlanta, GA, from July 20th to July 23rd. Among the esteemed exhibitors at the event is VivoAquatics, a pioneering company that is revolutionizing aquatic experiences through technology and innovation. Join us as we dive into the exciting innovations that VivoAquatics has to offer at this year's YMCA General Assembly.


VivoAquatics understands the paramount importance of safety in aquatic environments, especially within the YMCA community. Their team of experts is committed to providing cutting-edge technologies and comprehensive safety measures to ensure a secure and enjoyable experience for all. From advanced water quality management systems to  training, professional services and certifications, VivoAquatics is dedicated to creating a safe and secure aquatic environment for YMCA facilities.


At the YMCA General Assembly, VivoAquatics will showcase their latest technological advancements that enhance aquatic experiences. Visitors will have the opportunity to explore VivoAquatics' VivoPoint software and IOT solution and will present their intelligent water management systems, which utilize advanced sensors and analytics to maintain optimal water quality and safety standards.

We look forward to seeing you at Booth 1440..

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