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New Survey Reveals Consumers Book Hotel Rooms Based on Presence of Swimming Pools and Hot Tubs, With Cleanliness Being a Top Concern

May 29, 2024

 VivoAquatics, a leading water management solution company, today announced the results of a recent independent survey, which revealed that pools and hot tubs are one of the most important amenities for people when booking travel accommodations. However, many guests have experienced unexpected closures of these amenities during their stays. Additionally, while people reported that they are concerned about water cleanliness, chlorine levels and bacteria, they almost never receive information from hotels and resorts on these matters.

According to the survey findings:

  • Nearly 75% of respondents ranked pools and hot tubs as one of the top three most important amenities when booking a hotel or resort room
  • Only 'complimentary breakfast' surpassed 'pools/hot tubs' as the most important amenity
  • More than 95% of respondents expect that public pools and hot tubs are sanitary and clean
  • Only 10.5% of respondents are not concerned at all about chlorine levels and bacteria in commercial pools and hot tubs
  • More than 50% of respondents have had a pool or hot tub close during their stay at a hotel or resort
  • More than 68% of respondents have never been provided with upfront information regarding water sanitation and safety measures when visiting a hotel or resort

"Based on these findings, it's evident that travelers continue to prioritize water features when booking a stay and expect a high-level of safety and sanitation from the hospitality industry," said Willan Johnson, CEO of VivoAquatics. "Yet, it is disappointing to hear that more than 50% of travelers have been met by closed pools and hot tubs. This underscores the need for hotels and resorts to proactively implement proper water management solutions before issues arise – especially ones that could lead to unwanted closures or, more importantly, health and safety risks. And it appears there is an opportunity for hotels and resort to differentiate their brand by better communicating a commitment to water safety and sanitation to guests."

VivoAquatics provides hotels, resorts and other facilities with comprehensive water safety, conservation and compliance solutions. With its technology, users can access valuable data on water quality, temperature, chemical balance and more so that any deviation from safety parameters can be identified and addressed as quickly as possible. This significantly reduces the risk of waterborne illnesses and other issues that could lead to pool and hot tub closures.

VivoAquatics works with many of the world's leading hospitality, real estate, fitness and REIT brands including Hilton, MGM Resorts International, Omni Hotels, Westgate Resorts, In-Shape Fitness, Marriott International and more. For additional information on VivoAquatics, visit its website here.

About VivoAquatics

VivoAquatics provides a smart and connected technology platform for operators to manage water features including pools, spas and more, as well as the overall conservation of a facility. An innovative suite of commercial aquatic solutions, VivoAquatics equips customers with the tools needed to improve water safety, conservation and compliance. It provides chemical automation, water safety monitoring, leak detection, water and energy usage monitoring, compliance management and more to deliver the safest and most appealing water for guests in a sustainable and cost-effective way.

The technology platform is the center of the program, which also includes expert support, training, certification and procurement optimization. VivoAquatics partners with hundreds of the world's leading hospitality, real estate, fitness and REIT brands including Hilton, MGM Resorts International, Omni Hotels, Westgate Resorts, In-Shape Fitness, The Irvine Company, Marriott Vacation Worldwide, Marriott International, Aman and many more. For more information on VivoAquatics' technology, visit

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