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How Does VivoPoint Help Potential Channel Partners & Their Clients

March 31, 2023

VivoAquatics actively works alongside all of their channel partners and clients to accelerate growth, expand revenue, push innovation and gain even greater customer satisfaction.


Joining forces with VivoAquatics and having access to the VivoPoint platform can rapidly become a game changer. The VivoAquatics Channel Partner Program provides the potential to scale your business while working with skilled installers, resellers, and more. It becomes a win/win for everyone involved with the potential for impressive sales and multiple opportunities.

A channel partnership can be beneficial for both the facility and the partnering company. As a partnering company, VivoAquatics can offer products, access to VivoPoint, and services related to swimming pool maintenance, such as pool chemicals, cleaning equipment, and repair services. It becomes a true winning partnership. Everyone enjoys involved experiences, increased efficiency, and cost savings.

One of the main reasons for becoming a channel partner with VivoAquatics is the ability to expand your reach into a new market. VivoAquatics has a large and impressive customer base. They can reach a wider audience and potentially increase sales. Additionally, you can gain access to valuable customer insights and feedback through the partnership program.

When you become a channel partner with VivoAquatics, you’ll have the ability to improve customer service through regional partners who have expertise and knowledge of the local market. By partnering with a facility that is familiar with the local community, you gain personalized service and support from customers in the area. This can lead to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

What is a VivoAquatics Channel Partner?

The term ‘channel partner’ refers to companies that partner with VivoAquatics to sell their products, technologies, and services. The companies consist of vendors, manufacturers, products, and others.

The union is a form of co-branding relationship that occurs between VivoAquatics and the channel partners. It forms an alliance that proves beneficial for everyone involved. The co-branded partnerships still retain their own brand identities, logs, and colors.  However, everyone involved forms a kind of partner strategy to effectively network to sell and market their services and products.

The form of co-branding is beneficial for everyone involved due to the more dynamic and diverse marketing efforts, widescale brand recognition and diverse audiences reached by all partners working together.

All of VivoAquatics channel partners bring expertise and professionalism to the table. As all partners work together it becomes an opportunity to truly collaborate. You can rest assured that you will be working alongside industry experts. Everyone involved shares a singular goal - to provide superior services to all clients.

A partnership at VivoAquatics is impressive. They have joined forces alongside national and recognized unions with fitness, multi-family and hospitality portfolios including a diverse array of local builders and service companies located throughout the United States. The steadfast partnerships provide value and successful outcomes for clients.

Five Reasons to Embark on a Channel Partnership

Embarking on a channel partnership can offer numerous benefits for businesses, including:

  1. Increased reach: Channel partners typically have their own customer base and marketing channels, which can help businesses reach new audiences that they may not have been able to reach on their own.
  2. Diversified revenue streams: By partnering with other businesses, companies can create additional revenue streams from new products or services that they may not have been able to offer before.
  3. Reduced costs: By leveraging the resources and expertise of a partner, businesses can reduce the costs associated with marketing, sales, and distribution.
  4. Access to new markets: Channel partnerships can provide businesses with access to new geographic markets, allowing them to expand their reach and grow their customer base. VivoAquatics channel partners gain access to an impressive, nationwide pool.
  5. Improved customer experience: By partnering with companies that have complementary products or services, businesses can offer their customers a more complete solution, which can improve the overall customer experience.

Channel Partners at VivoAquatics

The channel partners at VivoAquatics are diverse and come from many facets of the water management and pool industry. They offer products, equipment, chemicals, and services to meet the growing needs of clients.

VivoAquatics offers cutting edge software and hardware that function with the VivoPoint platform for the water management needs of commercial facilities. They work with a wide range of multi-property brands that are based throughout the country. They each serve to keep aquatic facilities and commercial pools accessible 365 days per year - 24 hours a day.

The partners with VivoAquatics provide services nationwide. They offer local support to meet the needs of clients. They also help spur new growth and impressive changes within the industry.

Top Reasons to Partner with VivoAquatics

If you’re a service provider trying to decide if you want to join VivoAquatics channel partnership program then you’ll want to weigh the benefits.

Below we will explore the top benefits in partnering with VivoAquatics:

Scale with New Clients

VivoAquatics offers VivoPoint is easy to use and straightforward. The platform provides streamlined pool management for clients. Within the platform is a dedicated catalog of local suppliers that can easily meet the needs and demands of clients. With national and regional portfolios located across the United States, VivoAquatics panthers have access to what they need, when they need it without skipping a beat.

Clients have immediate access to services such as equipment repair and installation, chemical supplies, facility renovations and more. Imagine, you don’t have to worry about finding the clients because VivoAquatics handles things for you. You’ll have access to high quality services whenever you need them.

Grow and Solidify Relationships

When you partner with VivoAquatics you gain endorsement of the intuitive VivoPoint platform. The value of your services to clients actually increases because they no longer have to spend a great deal of time or money gaining pool management services. You’ll enjoy automated processes that you once had to have performed by your staff. Also, problems come to the forefront before they grow into a nightmare.

Clients gain real time insights so they never lose sight of what is happening in their commercial swimming pools. They can then take a proactive approach by reaching out to you to gain services and maintenance.

Offering added value encourages client loyalty. They have no need to look elsewhere for services because VivoAquatics offers services that assist them on all levels. Clients rely on VivoPoint to stay current on all maintenance. You can manage your swimming pool or a variety of aquatic facilities in the same amount of time.

Take your reach even further from a single existing property to even more facilities and properties under your brand. When a single property partners with VivoAquatics their portfolio starts to grow significantly and can expand to five, six, seven or more with ease. Your reach becomes more impressive and your revenue grows rapidly.

VivoAquatics partnered with a provider of local services. They were able to then expand their regional portfolio to an impressive seven properties which increased their revenue 180%.

Compete Against National Players

Do you want to scale? You’ll not only need to compete against national players but you’ll need to come out ahead. VivoAquatics offers support and a winning platform. It’s almost like a piggyback ride. You'll partner with VivoAquatics to ensure your portfolio reaches more clients - many of which would be virtually impossible to connect with any other way.

The relationship for everyone involved is outstandingly mutually beneficial. All partners grow together as VivoAquatics reaches expenses even further into the water management market.

Channel Partnership Benefits

Channel Partnerships are beneficial for everyone involved. With the right channel partners, everyone gets more for their dollar. Sales increase and everyone has greater access to customers and clients. The channel partner gets the upper hand by being able to increase their revenue through cross selling and upselling any new services or products to existing clients and customers.

Consider the 80/20 rule in channel partnership.

20% of partners generate 80% of revenue.

All partnership programs differ between benefits which makes each one unique. However, most all share similar benefits.

Benefits of becoming a channel partner include:

Attain a Full Suite of Products and Services

Products and services provided from many vendors lets a channel partner have a diverse product portfolio to pick between. They can effectively meet their business and technology needs.

Gain Access to the Latest Products

You’ll have access to the latest products and spring ahead with cutting edge technology at your disposal.

Tap Expertise and Resources

Channel partners gain access to resources and expertise. They can reach out for support, product training, and more when needed.

Gain Leads

Vendors continue to market their services and products which enables them to pass on leaves they might gain to channel partners for potential follow up.

Greater Savings

As a channel partner, you’ll achieve even greater revenue opportunities and discounts. With access to more savings, you can better expand your bottom line.

Benefit from Working with Large Names

Smaller companies have the opportunity to partner with established brands to extend their reach even further and gain even greater credibility due to the channel partner’s reputation.

Gain Market Share

Work with partners who share your target customers. They have spent time and dedication to form relationships with their clients so when they make a recommendation for a service or a product it carries respect and weight.

Reach Your Target Customers Fast

Channel partners share services and customers. Your partner’s target customer is yours too. They have worked hard and spent a lot of time to forge personal relationships with their customers and clients. When they recommend new services and products it carries a great deal of weight and everyone in the industry sits up and takes notice.

Reduction in Sales Costs

A reduction in the cost of sales matters. It’s expensive to have a marketing sales team if you have a small business or start up. As a channel partner, you establish an indirect sales channel that is more affordable then an in-house sales team. You save on salaries, travel costs, and more while still reaching customers and clients. Also, you can stay goodbye to wasting time with unqualified leads that you never have a chance of converting to sales.

Reach New Markets

Having VivoAquatics as your channel partner, you’ll gain a respected established presence which has an impressive reputation in the industry. Also, they have a deep understanding of the many diverse industry vertices so can easily bring you new customers and clients which will save you time and money.

Greater Resource Access

You’ll have access to the resources you need to truly succeed when you work with channel partners. This is especially beneficial for smaller vendors who might need help with developing campaigns, budgeting, and marking team assistance.

VivoAquatics Channel Partnership Provides Opportunities

When you become a channel partner with VivoAquatics, you can access to impressive opportunities that let you spring ahead in the industry:

  • Stay Ahead with Innovative Technology: Achieve impressive sustainability, greater cost effectiveness and improved guest satisfaction which only reinforces brand loyalty.
  • An Open Door to More Opportunities and Greater Margins: Gain more opportunities throughout the industry with a comprehensive product portfolio you can count on.
  • Gain Access to Greater Opportunities: As the old saying goes, you need to be ready when opportunity knocks. With a VivoAquatics channel partnership, you’ll have access to new business opportunities, enjoy joint sales, greater collaboration and lead generation.
  • The Business Support You Need: You’ll receive the business support you need for lead generation, marketing events, and sales materials will all help you grow.
  • Gain Access First: Never wait again. Yes, you’ll gain timely access to product information, support, and technical training.
  • Receive VivoAquatics Certifications: Receive VivoAquatics certification so you can get your team trained and certified with VivoPoint so they can install, sell and support the aquatic technology solution.

Channel Partner FAQ

What is a channel partner?

A channel partner is a company or individual that sells or distributes a company's products or services on its behalf.

What are the benefits of becoming a channel partner?

Becoming a channel partner allows a company to expand its reach into new markets, increase sales, and improve customer service through local partners who have expertise and knowledge of the local market.

How do I become a channel partner?

To become a channel partner, you can reach out to a company that you would like to partner with and inquire about their channel partner program. Alternatively, you can search for channel partner programs online.

What is a channel partner program?

A channel partner program is a program that a company creates to recruit, train, and support its channel partners. It may include things like product training, marketing materials, and sales support.

What are the diverse types of channel partners?

There are several distinct types of channel partners, including resellers, distributors, agents, consultants, and value-added resellers (VARs).

What is the difference between a reseller and a distributor?

A reseller typically buys products from a manufacturer or distributor and resells them to end customers, while a distributor buys products from manufacturers and sells them to resellers or retailers.

What is a value-added reseller (VAR)?

A value-added reseller (VAR) is a type of reseller that adds value to a product by customizing it, integrating it with other products, or providing additional services.

What is a channel conflict?

Channel conflict occurs when two or more channel partners compete with each other or when there is disagreement over the distribution of leads, territories, or pricing.

How can channel conflict be resolved?

Channel conflict can be resolved through clear communication, setting expectations, and implementing a channel conflict resolution plan.

What is a channel partner strategy?

A channel partnership strategy focuses on optimizing the entire partner network. All businesses will have a different channel partner strategy, but they are always revenue focused. We encourage you to contact VivoAquatics more.

What is channel partner management?

Channel partner management involves managing relationships with channel partners to ensure they are successful and aligned with the company's goals. It may include things like training, support, and incentives to motivate partners to sell more effectively.

How to become a channel partner?

To become a channel partner, the partnering company can reach out to VivoAquatics to inquire about their channel partner program. You can learn about the specific requirements or qualifications for potential partners, such as experience in the swimming pool industry or a proven track record of sales success.

Once the partnership is established, you’ll work closely with the VivoAquatics to provide training, support, and incentives to motivate partners to sell more effectively. This may include product training, marketing materials, and sales support.

What about channel conflict resolution?

To avoid channel conflict, clear communication and setting expectations are crucial. The partnering company and the VivoAquatics should have a clear understanding of their respective roles and responsibilities, as well as how leads, territories, and pricing will be handled. Implementing a channel conflict resolution plan can also help to resolve any issues that may arise.

How to Become a VivoAquatics Channel Partner

Yes, becoming a channel partner with VivoAquatics and their innovative VivoPoint platform has never been easier. It involves only three steps!

  1. Complete the easy online application. The VivoAquatics team will then contact you to let you know your status.
  2. After approval, you’ll receive a link to the partner agreement. You’ll sign the agreement and then can complete the onboarding process.
  3. We’ll send you a welcome kit and schedule an onboarding meeting so we can help you get started.


Channel partnership with VivoAquatics is a mutually beneficial arrangement. By working together, you’ll enjoy improved efficiency, reach new customers, have access to much-needed products at affordable prices, and provide better service to the local community. Find out more today! Contact VivoAquatics to learn about their channel partnership program and about their innovative VivoPoint platform.

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