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Ensure a Safe and Sanitary Aquatic Environment With VivoAquatics

May 3, 2023

Pool owners face plenty of challenges in maintaining a safe and sanitary environment for their guests. Many owners are busy running the rest of their business, which means that pool care is often left on the back burner.

The success of your commercial pool depends on how you prepare—and unfortunately, not enough owners take advantage of the months leading up to summer. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, almost 80 percent of public pool inspections resulted in at least one violation. Of that percentage, one in eight resulted in immediate closure. 

Instead of worrying about aquatic management, ensure that you are providing a safe and sanitary swimming pool with a single program.

5 Most Common Issues That Cause a Failed Pool Safety Inspection

1. Improper PH

An unbalanced pH level can harm your pool and your guests. If your pool’s pH level is higher than eight, your guests are at risk of developing skin rashes. Anything lower than a seven will sting your guest’s eyes, deteriorate the grout, and weaken vinyl surfaces.

2. Insufficient, Broken, or Missing Safety Equipment

Safety should be your number one priority when it comes to maintaining your swimming pool. If you are missing important safety equipment, such as ladders, rails, and drains, then you can expect a failed pool safety inspection.

3. Low Chlorine Level

Pool chemical management is crucial. After all, chlorine is what sanitizes your swimming pool. If your pool has a low chlorine level, then your pool isn’t properly sanitized. Low chlorine levels can lead to harmful bacteria build-up, algae growth, and a surefire ticket to a failed pool safety inspection. 

4. Cloudy Water

If an inspector can’t see the bottom of your pool, then it’s not safe to swim in. A cloudy swimming pool is the result of a mix of things. Improper pH, imbalance alkalinity, and low chlorine levels can all lead to a pool full of murky water.

5. Failure To Meet Compliance

If your swimming pool doesn’t have the proper fencing, gates, or other requirements per state regulations, then your property won’t meet the required standards. Twenty-five states and the District of Columbia require pool operator training.

Take Control of Your Aquatic Facility 

Monitor your pool anytime, anywhere. Stay on top of your pool’s safety and sanitization at the touch of a button. VivoAquatics offers real-time monitoring of your water quality and facility operations wherever you go—so you can spend more time running your business the right way. 

With VivoAquatics, you can:

  • Avoid litigation
  • Protect your revenue
  • Provide training to your operators
  • Maintain compliance with the health department
  • Keep guests happy, safe, and satisfied

Effective Risk Mitigation With VivoAquatics Advantage Program

Get everything you need to manage your commercial property in one place. The VivoAquatics Advantage Program helps you reduce hazards and compliance issues while enhancing the safety and enjoyment of your guests. 

When you sign up for the Advantage Program, you get:

Aquatic Risk Assessment

Receive a report showing any deficiencies with safety equipment along with opportunities to lower costs.

Certified Pool Operator (CPO) Training

Get certified with the Pool & Hot Tub Alliance through the Advantage Program’s industry-led CPO training.

Procurement Support

Take the headache out of purchasing and get access to essential pool parts with VivoAquatics’ procurement platform.

VivoPoint Access

Stay informed about your chlorine levels, pH balance, and more with VivoAquatics’ cloud-based software included with the Advantage Program. 

Pass Your Pool Inspection Effortlessly

Whether you’re in the hospitality business or the municipality industry, one thing’s for sure: you are busy. When you partner with VivoAquatics, you’re teaming up with a team of industry experts dedicated to your aquatic success. Mitigate the risks to your commercial swimming pool and see how the VivoAquatics Advantage Program can enhance your business.

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