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Droughts Are Devastating. Let’s Be Good Stewards and Stop the Leaks.

August 24, 2021

By the beginning of August, 39% of the U.S. was in an official state of drought. This has contributed to widespread wildfires and other consequences. And it appears the drought will only get worse.

Droughts put a spotlight on water use in all industries, and commercial aquatics is no different. Pools, spas, fountains, streams and other water features are often targeted (albeit unfairly) by regulators and subjected to shutdowns, delays in permits and more.

Managing water responsibly is a core value for VivoAquatics. We advocate for being proactive in the management of water and doing our part to be great stewards of our environment.

One way we can all help create a more sustainable future is by minimizing water loss through identifying and fixing leaks.

Studies suggest that over 30% of all aquatic features have leaks. Pump room leaks are easy to identify. It’s the structural and underground leaks that can be more problematic and lead to significant water loss. Moreover, such leaks can lead to hundreds of thousands of dollars in repairs to the property (retaining walls, parking garages, resident or guest rooms, etc).

Monitoring for Leaks

While old school techniques (get out the yard stick!) can help, they’re reactive in nature. In today’s environment, it makes much more sense to monitor your fill line with a digital water meter and get real-time alerts as leaks and water loss develop.

For single property, the meter can be integrated with a monitoring platform to determine a baseline in water usage, and then receive alarms and alerts as usage increases. For portfolios, a more integrated approach allows for benchmarks of water usage by property, by body of water, and more, and can lead to greater benefit.

Leak monitoring not only helps you reduce water loss, which is important during a drought, it also saves you the money you would have spent on all that extra water (which, again, can be tens of thousands of dollars for larger properties). You also don’t have to spend money (or energy) to heat water that’s constantly refilled, and you spend less on pool chemicals since you don’t have to balance the new fill water. 

Join Industry Leaders in Implementing Digital Leak Detection

We’ve been excited to see so many leading multi-family portfolios and hospitality organizations implement leak detection technology in their pools and spas. One of our multi-family clients is currently in the process of implementing leak detection on over 400 bodies of water. Other hospitality clients are implementing leak detection in core markets where the drought conditions are most prevalent. And many designers and builders are starting to specify leak detection systems on new construction.

We offer all of these monitoring and automation features through our VivoPoint platform, making it so much easier to identify and locate potentially damaging leaks and become a more sustainable business in the process.

We’d love to help you establish a strategy for addressing the drought though water usage monitoring. Don’t hesitate to contact us and let us review your options with you!

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