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Does My Property Need Automated Water Management?

July 7, 2022

In recent years, commercial pool automation has grown substantially with many different types of automated water management systems available. Owners and managers of aquatic facilities have started to wonder if their properties need automated water management. Without a pool automation system, you risk falling behind the competition. It will also become more difficult to remain compliant and ensure continued water safety for your guests and staff.

Automation lets you effortlessly manage your facility’s pool equipment while keeping an eye on chemical levels from anytime from any mobile device. You’ll have the ability to completely control your pool and spa in real-time remotely. Imagine controlling the pump room from the palm of your hand - it’s that easy with state-of-the-art automated water management.

Pool automation software helps manage all aspects of aquatic facilities with ease while taking the guesswork out of the process. You can monitor tall tank levels, evaluate water quality and watch for leaks.

You’ll discover many options available, so it’s probably difficult to find the appropriate solution to meet the needs of your commercial facility. Your goal when shopping for a pool automation system is to save money, maintain water safety and remain compliant. You’ll also want to find a pool system that is user friendly, efficient, and effective.

Benefits of Automated Water Management System

Safety and efficiency remain the leading criteria for any commercial pool and spa. With an automated water management system, you can meet and exceed your goals to ensure that guests and swimmers at your facility enjoy a superior experience.

Affordable and Time Saving

Every commercial pool facility owner knows the importance of saving money and time during operation. Automated water management software software lets you manage your aquatic facility with ease while optimizing it for usability. You’ll enjoy greater profitability with less maintenance and work.

Ensuring pool and spa compliance remains an ongoing and time-consuming challenge. Local, state, and federal regulations frequently change so you probably feel like you are scrambling to pass inspections and prevent costly closures. Aquatic operations software keeps you up-to-date and you can pull detailed reports quickly when needed so you can ensure the facility meets current regulations without missing a beat.

Increased Productivity

As an aquatic facility operator, you know the importance of making sure your staff remains productive. You don’t want your team stretched too thin, but you also don’t want to hire added personnel which can chip away at your bottom line. You’ll need to find the sweet spot with your staff while ensuring increased productivity. Software gives you the ability to effortlessly automate tasks needed to successfully manage your aquatic facility. You can handle everything from managing the pool and spas schedules to tracking customer transactions.

Task automation via aquatics operation software saves you time and ensures increased productivity across the facility. You'll have the ability to manage your resources with complete transparency.

One of the most time-consuming aspects of commercial pool and spa operations remains the ongoing and frequent maintenance needs. Caring for the equipment takes time, costs an excessive amount of money, and remains challenging for staff. However, aquatics operations software streamlines processes to increase productivity throughout your aquatic facility.

Maintaining Safety

Safety at any aquatic facility remains one of the most important components of operations. Even a slight chemical imbalance in the pool’s water can quickly lead to dangerous conditions for swimmers and put your entire operation in danger of being shut down for compliance problems. Automated systems are highly effective at cleaning your pool water by regulating pH levels, pool chemicals, and water temperature.

Labor Costs

The cost of training and labor can chip away at your aquatic facility’s profitability. Embracing an automated pool management system reduces your manpower needs while saving time. You can more effectively allocate your finances in other areas of the facility by operating your staff fewer hours and employing less staff.

Greater Sustainability

Nowadays, all businesses strive for increased sustainability. Aquatic operations software provides comprehensive data tracking coupled with a complete analysis so you can effortlessly reveal areas of waste in your facility.

Many commercial water automation software platforms include beneficial features that let you increase sustainability via automatic temperature controls. Also, it provides real-time monitoring of your facility’s water quality.

When properly used, the features of the automated water management system help you lower your ecological footprint substantially to make a positive impact on the world and environment while saving money. 

With automated systems, you can better control your aquatic facility’s heating and cooling systems by regulating the indoor temperature of both the building and water which saves energy. You can also replace manual lighting systems with automated lighting.

Aquatic operations software lets you also avoid possible regulatory penalties if your commercial pool and spa facility are found to be in violation of environmental compliance. Using the software, you improve the facility’s sustainability performance substantially while helping to protect the environment. Your eco-conscious staff and guests will undoubtedly appreciate your efforts at sustainability and your aquatic facility will reap the benefits of having a good reputation for making a positive impact on the world.

Preventative Maintenance

Maintenance remains a never-ending task for any pool facility. With automated water management software, you can reap the benefits of the preventative maintenance features offered by the software. You can keep your equipment properly maintained and cared for which reduces the likelihood of costly equipment failures. VivoPoint offers an automated preventative maintenance program so you can further protect your aquatic facility.

The transparency of commercial automation is one of the main benefits because you no longer have to worry about your equipment or wonder when it needs to be serviced. Instead, you can redirect your efforts and focus on other areas of your aquatic business.

Improved Customer Experience

You want your aquatic facility’s guests and swimmers to truly enjoy their experience. Maintaining your pool and spa in a healthy and clean way helps safeguard your guests. Automated chemical management helps you ensure that the water remains safe and pristine. If the facility’s water is clean and safe, your visitors will continue coming back to enjoy the aquatics.

Automated Water Management: Things to Consider

When shopping for water management software, the first thing you’ll probably notice is the sheer volume of choices available. You’ll need to make a list of your particular needs and what is important to you before you start to shop.

Below are a few components to consider when making the choice about whether or not your property needs automated water management:

  • Pool types
  • Aquatic facility size
  • Level of automation needed to meet your needs
  • Personal management support needs
  • Types of financial or business assistance
  • Automation level
  • Scalability of software

Once you have a framework of what you are seeking in water management software then it's time to start evaluating and searching for packages that meet and exceed your requirements.

Taking Pool Automation Software to the Limit

Automation takes water management to a whole new level. It controls your entire aquatic facility with ease by turning lights on/off, regulating heaters, setting important temperature points, monitoring all tank level sensors, and also automatically managing the water’s chemistry.

If you want to extend the life of your facility’s equipment while staying ahead with maintenance, then you’ll want to consider pool automation software as a natural progression for your pool and spa facility.

Do you run a small aquatic facility and rely on a single manager? If so, then their daily agenda is probably full. In fact, they might actually work long hours. Automation can lighten the load because the staff will no longer need to stay ahead of maintenance. Instead, automation technology will handle everything. The facility’s manager and staff can redirect their expertise to other areas of the business which saves time and money.

If you run a large aquatic facility, then the workload can become stifling even with a robust staff. You’ll constantly need to meet local, state, and federal regulations which means you’ll need to check your pool’s equipment and sensors a minimum of four times per day. Automation checks for you which saves you many hours and thousands of dollars annually.

Automation is remarkably affordable. You can effortlessly create a scalable system to meet your aquatic facility’s individual needs. The software will take the guesswork out of all aspects of water management to put your mind at ease.

Choosing Automated Water Management Software

As with any major purchase for your commercial pool operation, you’ll want to weigh several factors before making a decision. Below are a few considerations when choosing water management software. At the end of the day, you want to make sure that whichever one you pick is the right fit for your business, staff, and guests.

Ease of Use

Whichever software platform you choose should offer ease of use. Remember, even if you are tech-savvy, others on your team might lack your skills. You’ll want to ensure that the software has all of the needed features so that tasks are streamlined for added efficiency. Aquatic operations software should never take an excessive amount of time to learn and master. You want it to actually make your job and that of your staff easier and not more time-consuming or frustrating.

Effective and Efficient Management

Prior to purchasing aquatics operation software, you’ll want to research exactly how it will improve the efficiency of your aquatic facility. Your goal is probably to more effectively manage your pools so you can provide a truly memorable experience for your guests. You want software that helps you save time while ensuring that your pool and spa remain safe and in complete compliance. Also, the software should help you enjoy greater profitably.


Whatever aquatics operation software you choose should provide flexibility, so it easily adapts to your facility’s unique functions. Every pool and spa are different, so you’ll need an automation system that addresses the various features and functions. Always take the time to discuss your expectations with the vendor prior to purchase and determine the degree of customization for the software. Not all software is created equal. Some are far more customizable than others.

Protection and Security

Nowadays it's become imperative that you protect your facility’s data by using software with optimum security. A security breach can seriously impact your business and shine a negative light on everything you have worked so hard to achieve. Always protect your business’s data from malicious hackers and unauthorized access. Discuss any safety concerns with the vendor prior to purchasing the aquatic software.  

Pricing and Budget

As the owner of an aquatic facility, you are probably used to working within specific financial parameters. Whatever aquatics management software you choose should meet your budget while giving you a good return on investment (ROI).

Invest in software that features an impressive lineup of comprehensive functions so you can better schedule maintenance, reservations, water management, chemical levels, and greater automation functions.

Evaluate various pricing options when seeking aquatic operations software. You’ll find software that runs the spectrum of price points from expensive to affordable. Many let you purchase the software outright and others require ongoing fees when it comes to updates or customer service.

When shopping for aquatic software, you don’t want to cut corners due to cost. A cheap program will fall short of providing the features that you actually need. Also, it might not be as reliable. However, that doesn't mean you have to pick the most expensive software package to get exactly what you want. Instead, take the time to discuss and research vendors.

Ongoing Support

Aquatic facilities are usually open seven days a week to meet the needs of guests. The equipment at the facility is open to a great deal of stress, so frequency braids down. You’ll want to ensure that whatever water management software you pick provides support seven days a week, so you know customer service is there when something happens, and you need help.

With VivoAquatics software, our team is here via chat, phone, or email round the clock. Whether you are faced with a major problem or simply have a minor question, you can quickly reach out for assistance. You’ll receive complete assistance with the automated pool system. We help with documentation and training. If you welcome new team members to your staff, then we will help you every step of the way so they can understand the aquatics operation software and pool automation.

Automated Water Management Features

Sit down and create a detailed list of the pool automation features you need and want. Do not cut corners or you will end up disappointed with whatever software program you buy. You’ll need to make sure it has exactly the tools you need for success. Do you want to track pool compliance? Manage personal? Stay on top of finances? Do not hesitate to ask yourself the hard questions so you can make a more informed decision when picking an automated water management system.

Figure out what is important to you. Do you pool tracking for compliance? Personnel management, budgeting/finances, chemical balancing, and water management? Whichever automation you pick should include the above features or your facility will quickly grow out of them, and you’ll be forced to spend additional money upgrading.

Software and Hardware Needed for Water Management

In order to stay within code for building and health departments, you’ll need some form of automation to effectively manage commercial pools and spas. Public safety concerns coupled with increasing regulation on aquatic facilities means that you must maintain advanced infrastructure such as automatic solution providers.

Traditional water management systems depend on sensors and programming to ensure the correct chemical levels. However, VivoPoint Pro is an online solution that saves you time while reducing costs incurred by timely functions like hand-dosing. With VivoPoint Pro, you have 24/7 water monitoring, online connectivity, modular sensor monitoring, and more.

Water Management: ORP Probe or PPM Probe

When it’s time to pick an automated water management system, you’ll need to decide if your facility will rely on a PPM probe or an ORP probe.

ORP Probe

The oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) probe measures the water’s oxidation abilities on sanitizers. However, the probes readings are in millivolts which can be challenging for your employees to read and understand. Also, the ORP sensor cannot measure or differentiate between bromine or chlorine. Also, virtually every health department nationwide wants measurements in parts per million (PPM).

PPM Probe

The PPM probe is easy to use and quickly tests the amount of chlorine in the pool or spa’s water.

  • Calculated PPM bases its readings off the pool’s ORP and pH.
  • Selective membrane PPM uses a membrane to filter-free chlorine ions. The calculation system provides chlorine readings.
  • Colorimetric PPM measures the chemicals that indicate chlorine. They then react by changing color. A high chlorine reading causes a dark color change.

Often automated aquatics operations software lets you see both the PPM and ORP probes.

Pool Filtration

A flow meter lets you optimize your pool’s pump speed. You can see if it's on or off while determining the flow rate. You’ll know if there is a blockage or when you need to perform a backwash. The pump room equipment will not operate properly if the flow rate is not correct. You’ll need to regularly monitor the flow rate in real-time.

There are many filtration systems used by aquatic facilities. Each one has its advantages and disadvantages. You’ll want to ensure that your water automation system works with your pool filtration system so you can keep track of any compliance violations. Your pool's filtration system is a major component in ensuring the safety and happiness of your guests, so they continue to have a positive experience.

Water Usage

An automated water management system will monitor your aquatic facility’s water usage. You’ll know exactly what is happening with your pool and spa’s water so you can maintain all health standards.

The pool’s water usage sensor will alert you any time there is a problem such as if you are losing water, failing to backwash properly, or have a potential leak in the system. Water problems can cost your facility money, so you’ll want to stay well-informed with full water automation of all sensors.

Tank Sensors

Tank sensors measure your pool’s chemicals and help you monitor chemical levels. Automation helps streamline the process, so you don’t have to manually carry out the monitoring process of all chemical levels.

Online Connectivity

VivoPoint lets you access all of your aquatic facility’s information via cellular connectivity and the cloud. You’ll never have to worry about not having the information you need at your fingertips to remain compliant.

Whether you own a single pool or multiple aquatic facilities, you can manage all operations using the VivoPoint cloud-based water management software.

Compliance Assistance

VivoPoint and VivoPoint Pro both help your aquatic facility stay compliant, so you don't have to worry so much about changing local, state, and federal regulations. Regulations that relate to health and safety are very fickle. They can change like the wind and with very little notice. Staying on top of compliance regulations often proves challenging.

If your facility fails to comply with all safety regulations, then you might face the closure of your pool and spa which can devastate your finances and hurt your reputation.

It is imperative that you maintain a safe aquatic facility for your guests to enjoy. VivoPoint and VivoPoint Pro help you stay compliant so you can focus on managing your aquatic facility without worrying about compliance issues. The automated water management system tracks water circulation, disinfection, and chemistry. You’ll have access to all reports so you can quickly show compliance if there is a health or government inspection.

An added perk is the ability to track compliance over time so you can pinpoint areas that may require improvement.

Automated water management gives you an edge so you can rest easy knowing your pool is always safe and compliant.

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