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Choosing the Right Facility Management Software

December 15, 2022

Government agencies can only take so many steps to ensure the safety of commercial swimming pools and spas. They have developed regulations and codes to help sustain a safe, healthy, and clean pool for the public, but pool facilities must take things a step further to maintain the satisfaction and health of their patrons. Facility management software gives you the edge you need to take your swimming pool facility to the next level.

In this article, we explore how to choose the right facility management software to help you not only meet the needs of the pool’s users but also streamline operations for you and your staff.

Asset and Facility Management Software for Commercial Pools

America has undergone a health-conscious metamorphosis with people seeking a more active lifestyle in an effort to extend their quality of life. One of the growing exercise sports is swimming with over 91 million people actively indulging in the activity according to reports by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Resorts, municipalities, hotels, health, and residential facilities recognize the importance of having a swimming pool to meet the needs of their patrons. Part of effective facilities management involves enlisting the assistance of top tier facility management systems to ensure swimming safety.

Aquatic facilities management is not an easy job. It will keep you on your toes. Luckily, things are evolving quickly, and the world is becoming highly tech-driven which can make the tasks of you and your employees easier to carry out on a daily basis. Facility management systems help guarantee a safe and suitable swimming pool environment helping you and your staff meet the essential needs and functions.

With facility management software you can better manage your pool and spa areas. The software becomes an indispensable tool so you can keep track of pool safety and compliance, finances, and more important aspects of operations.

Choosing the Right Asset and Facility Management Software

The commercial pool industry is growing rapidly. To keep up, owners, operators, and managers have started to realize the necessity of asset and facility management software. However, there are many diverse types of pool management systems.

Benefits of Facility Management Systems

When operating a commercial swimming facility, you want to improve operational efficiency for you and your staff while maintaining safety to provide a memorable experience for patrons. Manage your entire aquatic facility by staying up to date on maintenance programs and repairs. The software will help you save time and money while you oversee all maintenance, repairs, assets, and more.

Below are the main benefits to picking the best facility management software for your swimming pool facility.

Saves Time

Commercial pool facility management software should provide automation that helps you save time and money. It will help you ensure that your pool remains operational and safe while meeting all regulations. The software will maximize your managerial tasks so you can oversee the pool effectively.

Ensuring that your pool stays in compliance takes time and diligence. The regulations are very fluid so sometimes it's hard to stay up current. However, aquatic software helps you stay up to date with consistent reports that let you know what has been checked so you never have to worry about not meeting the criteria set forth by the regulations. You’ll save a considerable amount of time using the software and you never have to worry about noncompliance and fines.

Ensure Greater Productivity

Your goal is to run your commercial pool more efficiently. With CMMS system software maintenance, repairs, and other things become automated. Things such as managing pool schedules, chemical levels, managing pool schedules, and keeping track of customer transactions become fully automated so you save time and enjoy greater productivity. When you can better manage your resources, you’ll enjoy increased profitability. Swimming pool maintenance is very time consuming, difficult, and costly. However, pool operations software will save time and money by streamlining all processes.

Maintain Safety

You want swimmers at your pool to feel safe. The right facility management software takes safety at your commercial pool to the next level. With automation, the pool’s water will always be clear and clean due to the regulation of water temperature and pH levels. With clean water, you don’t have to worry about swimming related recreational water illnesses (RWIs) contamination.

With commercial pool automation, it takes less workforce to maintain the facility which reduces the amount of time spent on labor costs. You’ll save money by effectively delegating resources.

Improved Sustainability

Effortlessly identify problem areas in swimming pool operations through effective data tracking and analysis. Asset and facility management software provides you with features that can help you reduce your pool’s energy consumption. Automatic temperature controls and consistent water quality monitoring all help you provide premium services to your patrons while remaining eco-friendly.

Take efficiency to the next level throughout your pool area. By automating your HVAC systems you’ll experience greater energy savings. Additional automation options let you also save on lighting costs by utilizing automating lighting systems which provide far greater efficiency then manual systems.

Nowadays, most businesses focus on greater sustainability which will ultimately help you avoid potential regulatory penalties that can arise due to issues with environmental compliance. Avoiding fees helps you expand your bottom line.

With CMMS system software you can stay current on maintenance and avoid dropping the ball on important processes, updates, and more. You can improve your sustainability performance while gaining peace of mind knowing that you are doing your part to help reduce your footprint.

Preventative Maintenance

When overseeing a commercial swimming pool and spa you probably feel like you are only one step ahead of a costly breakdown. It’s hard to maintain a large facility to prevent problems. One breakdown can have a snowball effect which quickly leads to more mishaps and may even put your patrons at risk.

Facility management systems can help you keep your equipment functioning to reduce the likelihood of a costly mechanical failure. Protect swimming pool facilities with CMMS system software to stay current with an optimized preventative maintenance program. You won’t have to worry about maintaining a service schedule on what needs serviced and what can wait. With an automated CMMS system software, all equipment is monitored for maintenance. You’ll be able to focus your attention on other aspects of your business and feel confident that everything is being managed with full automation.

Improve the Swimmer’s Experience

Your patrons are the backbone of your swimming pool business, so you want to ensure that they have a safe and enjoyable experience. Automated facility management software oversees all chemical management systems, so your pool’s water stays pristine and safe. You can expand your profitability by bringing in more swimmers or attracting members or tenants to your facility.

Things to Consider When Picking Pool Facility Management Software

Commercial pool facility management software helps you manage a single facility or a portfolio. You can stay current on all the water facility’s needs. When shopping for the right asset and facility management software you’ll want to consider a few key factors to determine what is important to your operations.

  • Size of your swimming pool
  • Types of swimming pools
  • Amount of support for fiscal management.
  • Staff support needs
  • Level of automation
  • Scalability capabilities of the software

Do you want facility management software that provides the following features?

  • Optimizes operations
  • Ensures higher productivity
  • Expands the bottom line by saving money
  • Automated preventative maintenance
  • Provides greater financial control
  • Effortlessly oversee one or multiple swimming pool facilities
  • Assists with compliance
  • Improved asset management

When picking the right pool facility management software, you’ll need to consider a few industry specific things.

  • Flexibility: You need software that will adapt to your commercial pool requirements.
  • Efficiency: The goal of any swimming pool facility is to meet the needs of its patrons, so you need software that promotes a better guest experience.
  • Usability: Asset and facility management software should be easy to understand and use even for non-tech savvy individuals.
  • Protection: The system must provide protection and security from data breaches which equals peace of mind.
  • Support: Choose software that provides you with the support you need.
  • Price point: Must meet your budget needs.
  • Safety and Compliance: The safety of your guests or tenants is your biggest priority. You’ll need the software to assist you with staying in compliance with state and federal regulations.
  • Combination of Software and Hardware: Times are rapidly changing the requirements set forth by building and health departments for commercial pools. You’ll need pool automation with a combination of software and hardware to effectively manage your facility.

Key Features of Facility Management Systems

Aquatic facility management systems run the gamut of features. Many systems track pool compliance, help you oversee staff, and manage finances with asset management system software. Weigh what features are must-haves, nice-to-have, and not that important.

Do you need energy management? What about water conservation?

Most operations managers will agree that automatic chemical balancing is a must have. Ideally, whatever facility management system you pick should have all the bells and whistles that you want and need. The software is an investment in the future of your commercial swimming pool so you should not cut corners.

Do you want to manage your finances? Is overseeing your staff important? Do you want to track pool compliance? Think about what you need to effectively run your facility.

Let’s take a closer look at important key features of the best swimming pool and asset management system software.

Ease of Use

You don't have to invest in facility management software that you have to struggle to learn if you aren't a tech-savvy genius. Instead, the system you purchase should be easy to use and user friendly. It should provide you with all the features you need to effectively manage your pool and spa with improved efficiency.

The goal when investing in facility management systems is to make your job easier and free your time to focus on other areas of operations. If you must waste hours struggling to learn the system, then it might not be an ideal choice and you should look elsewhere for an easier platform.

Effective Management

You want to purchase software that helps improve your management capabilities so you can provide your patrons with a better swim experience. In addition, you want to be able to save both time and money while always maintaining safety and compliance facility-wide.

Flexibility to Grow

You want software that provides the flexibility to grow and scale your business. You want it to meet your specialized needs throughout the pool area which is why it's important that you choose actual aquatic facility management software. It should offer fully customizable automation to fit your needs at every stage of your business growth.

Data Security and Protection

Invest in software that offers security and protection from any unauthorized access of your data. You don’t want hackers to obtain your data or compromise your patron’s information which would harm your business reputation.

Price Considerations

Every successful business has a budget, and they have to toe the line to remain within the parameters. The right asset and facility management software should provide affordability. It should have a low cost of ownership and will offer an acceptable return on investment (ROI). Yes, you can buy cheap software, but it will fall short and you’ll need to make additional purchases to grow and stay current. The right software would provide long term benefits and grow with your needs.

The software should have a diverse range of things such as assets, reservations, maintenance, scheduling, and more. You want to invest in facility management systems that provide you with more than you need so it will grow with your business. Also, always look for a manageable price point.

Always weigh the different pricing models. You want to partner with an aquatic software provider that values transparency. Many programs are costly if you must buy them outright, but others will continue to charge you an ongoing fee for support and upgrades. It’s tempting to save a few dollars and go with a cheap program, but it might lack key features or not offer reliability.

Support You Need When You Need It

VivoAquatics gives you access to expert support via phone, email, and chat. With VivoPoint you gain 24/7/365 monitoring to stay current on all chemical readings, so you catch problems before they become a dangerous nightmare. You never have to worry about being caught with your guard down and facing compliance fines.

VivoPoint is a fully automotive aquatic software solution. When you invest in VivoPoint, you receive full training and documentation. Even onboarding new employees is streamlined. If you have new team members, we will set them up to also use the aquatics facility and asset management system software.

With VivoAquatics you receive more than top-tier asset and facility management software. You’ll receive ongoing and unwavering support, so you are never alone in operations.

Pool Compliance

Operating a commercial swimming pool is not easy. It is rife with stumbling blocks and problems. You have to stay current on all health and safety regulations which can change quickly - even within 24 hours.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that one in three swimming-related illnesses occur from contaminated water in hotel swimming pools and spas. With such dire statistics, it is imperative that anyone overseeing a commercial pool or spa must stay on their toes to ensure the safety of their guests and to remain compliant. You need to meet all state and federal guidelines, plus those set forth by your local health department to maintain the safety and health of your guests.

The CDC conducts regular inspections of all pools and spas nationwide. They reported that 12% of the aquatic facilities they inspect are immediately closed due to serious health threats. Any closure due to health risks will negatively impact your pool and spa. Patrons will quickly become concerned about their health and safety.

VivoPoint and VivoPoint Pro both ensure that your commercial pool and spa remain compliant, so you don't have to worry about closures. Instead, you’ll continue to run smoothly thanks to the top tier facility management software designed for aquatic facilities.

Aquatic operations software coupled with commercial pool automation will monitor your pool and spa's water chemistry and circulation to ensure ongoing effective disinfection. Also, the software will create reports that outline all parameters so you can quickly show health inspectors that your commercial swimming pool facility is compliant.

Also, certain software programs let you track your compliance status over a prolonged time so you can also stay current on your compliance status. The history of compliance lets you quickly pinpoint potential problems so you can focus on improvement.

Investing in the correct aquatic facility management software will let you keep your swimming pool and spa safe for your guests and patrons. You’ll know that you are always compliant with all current regulations which will provide you with great peace of mind. It will also bolster trust in your organization.

Software and Hardware for Chemical Dosing

Nationwide, health departments and building codes have started to require automation for the effective management of commercial pools and spas. Automation helps satisfy public safety concerns and meets regulations that are set on many facilities which provide guests with aquatic amenities. It’s not just regulatory bodies that are driving the automation trend. The fact is that things are evolving at a rapid rate. Historically, human error often leads to problems in the management of a commercial pool and spa. Automation is better than manual processes because it does not make mistakes.

Traditional systems use sensors and programming that require human monitoring to ensure that chemicals are dispensed properly. It's an around the clock necessity. However, an online solution like VivoPoint Pro controls the system so you avoid the added costs of hand dosing and the excessive time needed to carry out the various processes. With VivoPoint you enjoy 24/7 monitoring, online connectivity, modular sensor capabilities, and a wide range of other beneficial features

ORP Probe or the PPM Probe?

When picking an aquatics facilities facility management system, you’ll need to think about whether you want a system that uses a PPM probe or an ORP probe. You can also opt to go with one that uses both methods.

History pool automation systems have focused on the use of the oxidation reduction potential (ORP) probe which is the most common type of problem. The ORP probe has been popular with commercial pools for years to effectively measure how well the pool’s water oxidizes the sanitizer. The readings are always provided in millivolts which are difficult to read or even understand for most operators and staff. Also, the ORP sensor does not differentiate between chemicals like chlorine or bromine so cannot measure their levels. Another problem with ORP is that health departments rely on true parts per million (PPM) probes.

In the last few years, PPM probes are the must have because they are easy for owners and operators to use. They quickly evaluate the chlorine levels in the water so there is no guessing or uncertainty.

Methods for measuring PPM include:

  • Selective Membrane PPM: A special membrane measures the free chlorine ions that pass through it. This system gives accurate readings of chlorine versus indirect values.
  • Calculated PPM: The calculator looks at the pool’s ORP and pH. A sizable percentage of commercial pool automation controllers rely on this method to obtain chlorine measurements.
  • Colorimetric PPM: This is a measurement that examines the chemical indicators that depict chlorine. The indicators will rapidly react to the chlorine and change color. If the color is dark, then the chlorine levels are high.

As with anything, there are advantages and disadvantages to ORP probes and PPM probes. When picking one, make sure that the readings work in your pool automation system. You want to also understand the water chemistry, so you know if changes are required.

A comprehensive pool automation system features both PPM and ORP probes. You don’t need to see both, but it is a nice perk and can help you determine if there is a problem if the numbers do not complement each other. Having access to all information helps you keep your pool safe and fully operational.

Pool Filtration

What are your pool filtration needs? You shouldn't be guessing. Instead, your filtration should be optimized with a proper flow meter and pump speed to meet your pool’s particular needs. With a proper flow meter, your pool filtration no longer becomes a guessing game. You can see if it's on or off, plus determine the flow rates. It lets you know if a blockage has occurred or whether you should backwash your pool’s filtration system.

Without proper flow, the pump room won’t function properly. You must stay current on the flow rates with real time data so you can ensure that your commercial pool is effective and efficient. Safety remains the number one priority for commercial pools, so you want to keep everything running properly.

When choosing a filtration system for your swimming pool, you’ll find that the choices are diverse with cartridge filters, sand filters, and diatomaceous earth filters. Each one has its advantages and disadvantages.

  • Sand filters tend to be affordable, but they can clog up if you don’t stay current on all cleanings.
  • Cartridge filters cost more but they are easy to clean and last a long time.
  • Diatomaceous earth filters are the most expensive filter type, but they also last the longest.

Whatever filtration system you pick, and use should work with your facility management systems. Every facility has diverse needs so what works for one might not be suitable for another. Do you want an affordable, easy to maintain filtration system, or are you willing to spend more to buy a system that provides a longer lifespan? If you live in a hot climate, then you’ll need a far different filtration system than if you live in a cold climate. These are all things to consider when making a filtration system choice.

Asset and facility management software lets you automate all operations at commercial swimming pools. You can keep track of your patrons and note who has a positive experience. Also, you can stay on top of compliance.

Commercial Pool Sensors

When operating a commercial swimming pool facility, you need to know how much water you are using. The water usage data helps you comply with health standards so you can keep your facility running without any issues.

Using a water usage sensor lets you know if there is too much backwashing or if a possible leak has occurred. You do not want to waste water or lose an excessive amount because of the huge expense.

Water problems can lead to a great deal of expense. Just heating and treating the pool’s water is costly. If you are constantly adding new water to the pool, then it requires heating which can quickly increase your facility’s energy expenses. All new water also has to undergo chemical treatment to ensure safety.

Importance of tank sensors

Tank sensors serve the important task of measuring the liquid chemicals. You’ll want to keep your commercial swimming pool operational by measuring the chemicals to keep your patrons safe. However, maintaining the chemical levels is incredibly challenging without the aid of tank sensors. If you don’t have the sensors, then you’ll need to conduct the task manually on a daily basis.

Depending on your swimming pool facility, you might be faced with going outside or trying to carry out the task in a challenging area. The entire process also becomes very time consuming. If you overlook conducting the task, then you’ll face problems with your chemical levels which will impact the safety of your patrons.

If you have large chlorine tanks that are filled by outside levels, then sensors will let you monitor the bleach levels remotely. If the levels start to dip, then you can immediately reach out to your provider to schedule a refill. With sensors coupled with automated facility management software then you won’t have to have staff physically monitor the chemical levels in the tanks.

Ensure Online Connectivity

You can rely on Wi-Fi or ethernet to operate your automated pool system, but they are flawed. You might not be able to access the net in the pump room or other areas of the facility - especially if there are thick concrete walls. Typically, your best bet for online connectivity is to go with cellular connectivity. VivoPoint lets you access all functions of the facility management software via cellular connectivity and the cloud. You’ll enjoy predictive service and be able to easily stay compliant.

Another benefit of having online connectivity for your facility management software is that it helps you oversee multiple facilities because you have access from anywhere and via any device when you need it. VivoPoint is completely cloud-based so you can manage your swimming pool from anywhere in the world. You’ll never miss what is going on because you can access all data via your mobile device.

Choosing the Right Asset and Facility Management System

When choosing the right asset and facility management system you’ll quickly start to notice an improvement in your pool’s efficiency and safety. When picking which software to go with, you’ll want to think about all the features that matter to you. Also, work out your budget so you know exactly what you can afford. Your facility’s type and size will impact the type of system you pick. You want to ensure you have the right tools on hand when you need them. Once you pick the right facility management software, your facility will quickly become easier to oversee.

Always think about what features are important to you. Also, weigh user-friendliness and price. Find out if the software provider offers complete support if you have problems or questions.

Prior to making a software choice, always ensure that it fits the parameters of all safety and health compliance requirements. Remember, your swimming pool must meet safety and hygiene regulations, or you’ll face steep fines and costly closures. You want your facility management software to help you stay compliant and guarantee the safety of your patrons.

Choosing the right facility management system is not without difficulties. You’ll encounter a lot of different software choices with varying bells and whistles, but you’ll need to have a strong understanding of your swimming pool needs so you can make the right decision.

Why Partner with VivoAquatics

VivoAquatics helps you manage your aquatic facility and helps ease the worries of operational tasks. We offer aquatic operations software that help you manage all aspects of your swimming pool, spa, or water features. We help you ensure that your commercial pool is up to date and compliant by monitoring all chemical readings and providing you with updates. You’ll have access to all performance data, real time alerts, trend analytics and real time alerts when you partner with VivoAquatics.

Are you ready to try VivoPoint and start enjoying the following benefits?

  • Full automation of all your swimming pool and spa processes
  • Increased pool safety for your patrons
  • Improved training of your staff
  • Increased revenue
  • Impressive money savings


Pool automation is no longer a nice perk for the commercial pool industry, but a must-have. A fully automated pool system managed by facility management software lessens the load for you and your staff while staying current on all regulation requirements, chemical levels, and water safety. It’s true that there are a lot of different pool facility management systems available on the market. Each one makes promises so you might have a hard time picking which one to go with.

At VivoAquatics we provide you with the professional services and support you need to effectively manage your commercial pool and spa round-the-clock. Our team of experts offers you real-time support when you need it. We will oversee all small and large problems that you might encounter so you never feel alone.

For the best asset and facility management software look no further than VivoPoint and VivoPoint Pro. You’ll enjoy daily logging, data when and where you need it, task lists and more so you can stay compliant and meet all brand standards. You can budget smarter to make winning purchasing decisions. Track all your assets onsite.

We know that managing your commercial pool is time consuming. You don’t just clock out at five pm but instead, work 24/7. Equipment can break down at any time leaving your patrons vulnerable to water chemical changes and leading to possible costly closures. You’ll want to avoid an equipment breakdown if possible.

VivoPoint and VivoPoint pro provide expert support on which you can depend. You can reach VivoAquatics via phone, email, or chat. With VivoPoint you’ll receive chemical reading notifications twenty-four hours a day, so you never miss anything.

If you opt to go with our assets and facility management system, then you’ll receive training and documentation, so you know exactly how to use our automated pool system.

Are you interested in monitoring all aspects of your commercial swimming pool to keep your patrons safe and prevent shutdown? If so, then we invite you to learn more about VivoAquatics. At VivoAquatics we provide safety and satisfaction coupled with greater cost savings, sustainability, and efficiency.

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