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Five Ways to Better Manage Costs through VivoPoint Automation

August 5, 2021

Portfolio operators are no stranger to the expense it takes to keep pools, spas and other water features operational. In recent years the core costs of chemicals, equipment and labor have all increased while new compliance requirements and sustainability initiatives are creating even more expense for both the owners and managers of hotels, multi-family properties, fitness clubs, municipalities and other communities. If anything the pandemic has only increased the speed of these cost increases.

We launched VivoPoint to help multi-facility brands better manage their recreational water (i.e., pools, spas, fountains, streams, etc) through a smart technology operating platform. While the benefits bridge safety, improved guest experience, and accountability, the VivoPoint platform has become a critical tool in helping our partners better manage their costs in this challenging time. 

Protect the Asset through Improved Preventative Maintenance

Commercial pools can cost hundreds of thousands ($) or even millions ($) to build. Portfolios are spending tens of millions ($) or more on new construction and renovation.  Yet, where is the investment in maintaining such an asset? Why are properties replacing heaters every year, or having to resurface the pool just a few years after the previous renovation? Without automation and monitoring, properties are somewhat blind to the lurking costs of corrosive water and other chemical imbalances. Rust, stains, peeling of plaster, corrosion of decks, premature failure of heaters.  The costs go an and on. 

The premise behind VivoPoint is to be proactive in identifying issues, benchmarking performance, predicting problems and solving faster to assist properties in protecting their assets.  Extending the life of equipment and protecting assets creates a huge ROI for automation.

Free Up Staff Time & Reduce Service Visits 

We all recognize the challenges the pandemic has brought forth. Many of our clients have reduced staff or been unable to hire to the levels they desire.  We are proud to see VivoPoint become an indispensable tool in helping such properties become more proactive in managing water.  Is the water balanced? Is the indoor air safe? Is the equipment operating? Our platform of sensors and predictive analysis along with expert dosing calculations and 7 day virtual support has allowed clients to operate with fewer resources, in some cases over 30%, while providing guests and residents a great experience.  

For clients that outsource pool maintenance to 3rd party service companies, the ability to automate operations along with 24/7 access to alarms has helped reducing the number of service visits thus driving down costs (often by 20-35%+).

Perhaps even more importantly, VivoPoint has become a great partner in meeting local compliance requirements for the manual testing of water.  For instance, Las Vegas requires extensive testing for "party pools". California's Title 22 requires daily testing. However, in these cases and many others across the country, we have worked with regulators to reduce the need for manual testing by 50-80% thus saving your staff countless hours (and thousands of dollars) testing water and keeping them focused on other needs across a facility..

Reduce Chemical Usage and Costs 

We all see the chaos of manual water management. The pool looks cloudy (or maybe even green). Yikes, throw in an algaecide.  Hmmm, it is still not great, let's add a clarifier. Uh oh, it is Friday and not sure the pool will make it through the weekend so let's double up the chorine.  We see this all the time. Properties are not spending their money on the basic chemicals but rather wasting money by over-compensating the peaks and valleys of imbalances in water quality. While such spending helps the pocketbooks of chemical companies and pool retailers, it is an unnecessary expenditure.  Effective automation and monitoring will end the chaos and reduce costs. On average, portfolios are saving 20% or more on chemical spending with the implementation of VivoPoint.

Reduce Damage Due to Water Leaks

Whether it be a high-rise pools or a standard ground level facility, structural leaks in pools and spas can create extensive damage to building and landscapes. And the shame is these leaks are often not caught till the damage is significant.

In the past year we have rolled out leak detection as part of our VivoPoint platform and are now creating benchmarks of evaporation and usage, as well we as tracking of prospective leaks. The results have been immediate.  Major portfolios have credited the platform with early leak detection and saving the prospects of significant renovation. 

Reduce Insurance Costs

Liability and property insurance costs have continued to rise in line with the increased liability properties face. However, insurance companies will tell you the best way to manage costs is to manage and reduce claims. Automation and improved management of compliance through platforms like VivoPoint can lessen the claims associated with guests, residents and structures and over time reduce your insurance costs through the implementation of alarms, alerts and predictive analytics.

If you manage a multi-property pool or spa, VivoPoint can help simplify your commercial aquatics to increase the safety and enjoyment of your pools and spa. Reduce the risk of unexpected maintenance, save money on supplies and chemicals, and gain access to world-class technical support – all in the palm of your hand.

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